What type of flooring is used in basketball courts?

Basketball flooring

The majority of basketball players compete on hardwood courts, which provide a clean, unobstructed surface as well as a steady bounce. However, not all basketball courts have the same surface. The surface of the court is determine by the needs of the court. This include its location, with different materials required for outdoor play.

basketball flooring
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Maple wood flooring

Hard maple flooring is the most common choice for indoor basketball courts, and it can be found in most NBA stadiums and top NCAA venues. Hard maple is a block of solid wood with tiny fibers that resists splintering particularly well. The tightly packed grains of the wood also produce a smooth surface with no space for dirt and dust to hide. As a result, hard maple courts are extremely durable and require minimal upkeep. Because sunshine, rain, and other natural elements can destroy the wood and deform the surface, hard maple and other wood surfaces, such as maple-oak mixes, should not be utilized for outdoor courts.

Concrete flooring

For outdoor basketball, concrete is a great floor surface. It’s also simple to pour and set, requiring only minimal tools and labor. Concrete is inexpensive and you can polish it out to provide a fairly consistent basketball surface. Concrete is a tough material. However, it can survive extreme heat and cold if it’s properly constructed with a vapor barrier and sealer. You can also use acrylic resurfacing paint to add free throw lines, a key, and three-point lines to concrete.

Asphalt court

Many basketball players learn the game on outdoor courts, such as those found in community parks or on the streets and driveways of their neighborhoods. Because of its resilience and capacity to survive adverse weather conditions, standard asphalt remains the most frequent outdoor basketball court surface. Unfortunately, asphalt deteriorates with time and is susceptible to cracks, chips, and other surface flaws. Asphalt can also cause injuries, particularly during falls, where its harsh nature can result in cuts, scratches, and worse.

Premium plastic flooring

Basketball court surfaces are made from multi-purpose plastic flooring by a number of firms. A smooth slab of concrete serves as a solid basis, while the top surface is made up of modular polypropylene squares. You can put them together in any shape or pattern. The plastic flooring provides good traction, consistent ball bounce, and increased safety, with fewer skin abrasions during falls. You can play basketball, as well as other sports such as volleyball, street hockey, tennis, and soccer, on such multi purpose surfaces. Users may also personalize the courts by choosing from a variety of colors to match their team’s uniforms or other aesthetic preferences. These multi-purpose surfaces are highly resistant. And they are best for both indoor and outdoor courts.

Advanced plastic flooring with rubber insulation

Advanced features may include in some multi-purpose courts to help with responsiveness and playability. Companies, for example, manufacture a variety of innovative surface options, such as flooring with a rubber layer between the concrete foundation and the polypropylene plastic surface for improved shock absorption and sound dampening. In some cases, a polyurethane coating may apply to the plastic flooring to improve longevity and moisture resistance.

Flooring with sports tiles

A tile floor is a modern option for any floor surface. Basketball and other sports are majorly played on a big court made up of interlocking or suspended sports tiles. One of the greatest options for flat regions that aren’t suitable for basketball. Sports tiles are weather-resistant and non-permanent. Also, allowing them to vanish during the off-season. Sports tiles are good for both indoors and outdoors. Finally, sport tiles, like maple hardwood flooring, are a more durable substance. They provide injury avoidance while maintaining playing on a softer floor.

Which is the best flooring for basketball courts?

Basketball is one of the best sports and people throughout the world love to play this, even in their homes. However, basketball doesn’t need much equipment except for a few such as a basketball hoop, basketball, and a court.  Well, to enjoy a complete team match, it is important to have proper flooring for the basketball court.

There are many different kinds of basketball court floorings which people choose according to their desires and which they think is the best for their basketball court. It is highly important to choose the basketball flooring wisely considering the safety and durability and resistance of the floor you choose.

However, wooden flooring is one of the top-notch floorings for all kinds of basketball courts. This is because a wooden flooring is safe and secure and provides a solid and concrete surface for basketball players. Also, this flooring provides a great bouncy effect on the basketball as compared to other floorings.

Why Wooden flooring is better than other floorings?

Additionally, wooden floorings are famous as all-time trendy flooring. They never get out of fashion and also have a shiny, smooth, and flexible surface. They are highly durable too. It is very easy to maintain wood flooring as compared to other floorings. Also, it appears to be stylish, trendy, and cheaper than other kinds of advanced floorings.

Wooden flooring is highly resistant and durable, which adds to its value in both Asian and abroad countries. Therefore, it is an ideal choice to use in the long run. Wooden flooring is highly used in basketball courts. Not only this, but in badminton and for dance flooring too, wooden texture is highly preferred.

Moreover, the wooden texture is highly convenient for the basketball player. This is because when the player jumps and gets back on the ground, there is less force applied on his knees than it does on other floorings. The wooden flooring tends to absorb much of the force itself without putting exertion on the player’s knees or joints.

Most athletes prefer wooden or vinyl flooring as they are easy to maintain and take care of. They are easy to mop and clean. Also, it provides an extra smooth and concrete surface, which is suitable for basketball players.

One more advantage of wooden flooring is that it is easy to customize as per the owner’s requirements and demands. You can even paint it. If you want it to be in a more fantasy and creative way that looks catchy and attractive too.


These are the benefits of wooden flooring that one should consider while opting for the basketball court flooring. There are many other options of floorings that are kept in mind. So you should see all these factors and advantages and then pick the best one out for your basketball court.