What is weighted basketball and where it is used? 

Sports is something that is idolized by so many people it is a multibillion-dollar phenomenon with a global reach. People adore teams and admire players. The sector is significant due to the number of global audiences. Today we will be addressing Basketball which is one of the most popular sports and most-watched games in the world with millions of fans, billions of dollars have been spent on basketball matches.

Is your team having trouble throwing sharp passes that never get apprehended? Have you had players who lose the ball or have trouble tracking it? Are you a player who wants to improve the range on your shot or maybe you just need to have better control of the basketball when dribbling? If Shinhan my friend this article is for you where how to overcome all the struggles just with weighted basketball is covered. Without further ado, let us get right to the point: what is weighted basketball used for? 

What is Weighted Basketball?

You might never have heard of a weighted basketball before, or maybe you’ve heard of one but are unsure how utilizing a ball that weighs more than the ordinary one used in a game might benefit a player. Since you’ve not heard of a weighted basketball or just aren’t sure why they’re used, don’t worry; in this article, we’ll go over all you need to know about weighted basketballs and how they increase game accuracy.

what is weighted basketabll

 Weighted basketballs have been around for a long time, and players all over the world swear by their usefulness. Heavy basketballs, like regular basketballs, are usually composed of leather or rubber hardscape that makes them hard and long-lasting, and it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor practice.

It’s safe to say that this ball can be played outside too. The most notable difference is the ball’s weight. The bulk of weighted balls is around three pounds in weight. This is more than twice as heavy as a regular basketball, which weighs 1.4 pounds. It has numerous advantages, including improving players’ abilities and strengths, as well as allowing them to practice shooting, dribbling, rebounding, and passing. If you want to enhance all of these talents, weighted basketballs are the way to go for your training. Many weighted basketballs are available on the market to strengthen your fingers and wrists as well as increase your throwing and game skills.

To hold the ball in your hands or throw it to the right person, you must have outstanding and precise intuition albeit under extreme pressure. To quickly navigate past the defense and strike for your squad, you’ll need good reflexes. There are a plethora of weighted/heavy basketballs on the market that can meet your requirements, such as,

If you appreciate basketball as much as any other fan, the things listed above should meet your needs, though everyone’s preferences are different. The purpose of the weighted ball is to boost shooting range. For instance, if you’ve been having trouble getting the ball into the basket from a distance, a weighted ball could help you alter things up and take them to the next level with practice.

Aside from shooting, catching, dribbling, and passing the ball, all these purposes come with a weighted ball. Weighted basketball improves your whole game, and weighted basketball training can be a simple addition to your workout regimen. It’s also known as a heavy ball, and players may notice increased strength in their fingers, wrists, and forearms as a result of continuous use.

The impact of a weighted ball utilized repeatedly and correctly will be visible on the court. When attempting to go for the rebound, the player would be more prepared to pass quicker, have increased shooting accuracy, have a tighter handle or control, and have a better grasp on the ball. Dribble with a weighted ball to strengthen your wrists and forearms.

Strengthen your muscles in general before doing passing workouts with a weighted basketball. In shooting and rebounding activities, a weighted basketball can aid in the development of forearm and wrist strength. Did you ever question how NBA players are capable of making such accurate long-range shots? They use a variety of tactics to increase their strength, including a weighted basketball, in addition to hours of practice.

How to clean and care for your basketball

Furthermore, the men’s 29.5-inch weighted basketball weighs 3 pounds, which is twice as much as a regular basketball. Women’s 28.5-inch weighted basketballs weigh 2.75 pounds and are ideal for youth players.

Let’s take it a step further and look at all of the benefits of utilizing a weighted ball in everyday practice, as well as what parts of the game will improve as a result.

1. Overall Strength

Basketball routines using a standard weighted ball can strengthen the muscles required for good ball control and striking. Adding a weighted ball to the game would only enhance the strength required to be efficient with the ball during tournament settings. Due to added weight, your forearms, wrists, and shoulders will begin to develop muscle faster, allowing players to emerge powerful with the ball and much more deadly on the field. It increases your overall stamina. Not only your physical strength, but it also sharpens your brain and senses.

2. Shooting

Using a weighted ball during shooting practices, you’ll grow used to striking with a heavy ball if you utilize the weighted ball in your normal training sessions, which will give you a greater reach until you go back to games. Long passes are more difficult than close-range shoot cause the shooter is more likely to struggle. The most significant thing to keep in mind is that you should never sacrifice your striking form for a few extra yards of distance. There are a few excellent drills that really can make you better with your stance and shooting accuracy without sacrificing either. This basic drill will assist you in developing your skills. 

3. Dribbling

weighted basketball dribbling

Consider having ready to dribble the ball swiftly and much more comfortably without having to lift heavy and compromising certain flexibility. Dribbling practices with a weighted basketball will help you gain courage and improve your abilities because the increased weight will flexor muscles you had used to dribble. When you switch back to a conventional weight ball during games, your balance will improve as well. You will be able to control the ball more easily. 

4. Passing

Most athletes do not lay the same priority on passing basics as they should, and it reflects whenever players make big mistakes. Passings the ball effectively with a weighted ball allows players to flick passes to their mates with proper form, resulting in increased speed and precision. When you are aware in which direction you have to pass the ball with accuracy, then your senses are developed and your brain gives you signals that which is the right time to pass the ball. When you add a weighted ball to these basic passing drills, they become much more effective, and they shouldn’t be left out of your training regimen. 

5. Rebounding

When it comes to improving your basketball skills, rebounding is a skill that many people ignore. Smaller guys may believe that rebounding is just for large men in the center, and larger ones appear to think about rebounding solely in terms of their size. When you come down with a rebound in pressure, a weighted ball can help you improve your rebounding stats by preventing defenders from swiping the ball from you in the center.

Additionally, after the benefits the next question that might arise is where can I get one on these balls Spalding the famous manufacturer of basketball made weighted basketball around 3 lbs. and 6 lbs., allowing you to choose the appropriate size for your abilities. Spalding, the official basketball of the NBA, is a reputable brand that you can buy with assurance, including their weighted ball. Other than that weighted basketballs can also be bought from Nike and Adidas stores, they have been manufacturing sports goods for many years and have promoted their brand in NBA. It will take hours of practice to become proficient with weighted balls, but most people have noticed a significant change in the first week after switching from a conventional ball to a weighted ball; imagine the results if you use it daily. You can improve your accuracy, stability, and durability by practicing every day. A heavy ball may do wonders for your muscles and strengthen your game.

What is the use of a weighted basketball?

Weighted basketball training might help you gain that extra edge on the court. Utilize such training tools to improve your basketball fundamentals, and better grasp and elevate your game above the hoop. Weighted basketballs can help you enhance your game and move from good to exceptional in just a few months. The advantage of the weighted basketball is that you can easily swap it out for your regular ball throughout every exercise and just not notice a difference in quality except the weight. With each workout, you’ll find your strength developing and your confidence growing.

Use a weighted ball in your workouts to wow your teammates with your power and progress on the basketball court. Weighted balls perform, and they work effectively; numerous players who have utilized them have screamed their praises, and they have wowed fans on the court while tearing through the defense.

I recommend Spalding TF-Trainer, 6 lbs. basketball is one of the greatest products because of its versatility in use, superb design, and high-quality leather that makes it extremely durable. Spalding TF-Trainer basketball is the way to go for any player who wants to shine, a weighted basketball is an excellent tool for honing a player’s skills. It can help you improve your passing, ball handling, and rebounding skills.

This is because it makes your fingers, hands, and forearms stronger. Many basketball professional players like LeBron James and Michael Jordon have advised the youth to play basketball as it enhances their fitness. It makes your shoulders strong while stretching and passing the ball to a teammate. If you are a regular basketball player then you don’t need to work out as you are already strengthening your body in this game. It is not advisable to use a weighted calculator.

Final Verdict

Some may argue that training via the weighted ball sure can improve your shooting accuracy and strengthen your muscles however, shooting with a weighted ball and a regulation ball alternately, will necessitate constant adjustment and result in inaccuracy and lower-quality reps. They may be correct; but, when it comes to the heavy ball, you must be consistent and proficient in moving between normal and weighted balls. Sharpen your senses so you’ll be aware in which direction you have to pass the ball and how much strength and accuracy you’ll need to throw the ball directly into the basket from a long distance. Weighted ball training prepares you to compete with professional athletes by increasing your physical and mental strength. If you are a gym enthusiast and want to increase your productivity in sports, then you should start training with weighted basketballs since they are a great physical activity. And as these balls come in different weights, you can find your ideal weight and train with it.

Furthermore, wheelchair basketball has grown in popularity and is now being played by people with a variety of disabilities. Because disabled athletes rely solely on their arms for strength, so this is why they use weighted basketballs in training sessions to build their arms muscles, and enhance their motor ability. It’s a plus point to workout with weighted basketball it improves agility, pace, handling, and steadiness, all of which are important for successful field performance. On and on weighted basketball has a favorable influence on wheelchair basketball players’ athletic performance.