Top 10 outdoor basketball shoes under $150

Basketball is one of the sports that are widely famous all across the globe. Basketball players and lovers know that shoes play a vital role in the sport as the player requires additional grip, bounce, and comfort for better performance. 

Thus, finding the best pair of outdoor basketball shoes under $150 is equally important as the art and strategy of playing the game. However, there are thousands of basketball shoes listed on a wide variety of e-commerce platforms. 

In addition to that, if you play a lot of outdoor basketball, you’re aware of the issue that most basketball shoes are made for indoor basketball rather than outdoor. This means that they cannot survive the rough and challenging outdoor courts.

Therefore, if you are not a person that buys or changes their basketball shoes every month for which chances are that you are probably not that person then finding the best suiting outdoor basketball shoes for you can be a challenging task to execute? 

We looked into this matter and as we know that there are thousands of outdoor basketball shoes available on the market, we shortlisted the best offerings from the internet and made a list of the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes. This will allow you to easily evaluate the best offerings from thousands of listings and make a wise buying decision for the best-suiting product for you.

So let’s evaluate the top 10 best offerings of outdoor basketball shoes under $150. But before that, we will answer a question that we evaluated before shortlisting the top 10 outdoor basketball shoes.  

Top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes under $150

outdoor basketball shoes under $150
outdoor basketball shoes under $150

1. Adidas Dame 7

The traction on the Dame 7 is excellent, far superior to that of the 6. If you spend a lot of time outside, there’s good news: the outsole is constructed of extremely durable rubber and performs well on asphalt. The Lightstrike foam cushion configuration is also a step up from the 6, providing an excellent blend of impact protection, court feel, and responsiveness.

The materials are of reasonable quality, adequately ventilated, and operate admirably. Although the support provides outstanding lateral stability and control, the low cut lacks extra ankle support.

Overall, the Dame 7 is a fantastic all-around performer, especially considering the price.

  • Support is on point
  • Solid traction
  • Well-balanced cushioning
  • Indoors and outdoor, you’ll have plenty of traction.
  • The materials aren’t the best.
  • What are the opinions of the experts?

New Balance cross trainer

One of the underdogs of the sportswear market is surely New Balance which has been in business for a long time and is loved by sportswear followers for their out-of-the-box design approach and affordability of products. This New Balance Cross Trainer with its thick rubber sole and soft outer is exceptional in quality and value. Although the materials are adequate, given the high price, they should have been better.

Even after breaking them in, many of the profound reviewers found them stiff. The shoe’s best feature is the support which is without any doubt top-notch! Because of the robust materials and good fit, you won’t slide on the footbed or feel any lateral instabilities.

Overall, the Cross Trainer from New Balance is a great outdoor basketball shoe for bigger players who desire stability and longevity.

  • Extremely helpful
  • a long-lasting outsole
  • Heavy
  • More high-end materials could be used.

Puma RS Dreamer

Puma doesn’t require any introduction as it is one of the oldest sportswear brands and has been one of the prime leaders in the industry for years. This Puma RS Dreamer showcases their experience in the field. The traction of the shoe is one of its best features, it operates well both indoors and outdoors which makes it extremely versatile. The rubber of it is thick and premium which will last long even in rough and tough conditions of outdoor basketball.

The cushion provides exceptional impact protection but is not particularly comfortable, however, it does provide a responsive setup with a decent court feel. The materials are good considering the price point of the shoe and the design is par compared to competitors.

The fit is excellent, and it gives a secure feeling without being unpleasant. However, the toe area is a bit long which can feel uncomfortable and won’t fit the size of the foot. The shoe’s support is a great attribute and it is safe to say that there are no concerns with lateral containment or stability. The RS Dreamer is a great performer and a lot of fun to play with an astonishing price tag of just $120.

  • Excellent indoor and outdoor traction
  • Extremely helpful
  • There isn’t much impact protection.
  • Quite hefty

Nike flies by Mid 2

We all knew that Nike is going to feature in the list when we are talking about the best outdoor basketball shoes and here they are with their Fly by Mid 2. It is the newest Fly by Mid model which is considered to be a bargain for the sheer quality and value that it provides to the consumer.

The traction fulfills all of the requirements for players with exceptional quality soles that work effectively on both clean and dusty courts. Given the shoe’s budget, the cushioning is also a welcome surprise. It has a modest profile and provides ample impact protection. The only disadvantage is that it isn’t very responsive.

The only aspect of the sneaker that represents the price is the materials. They have a cheap feel and appearance. However, they do hold up well in terms of performance. The shoe provides exactly what you need it to do in terms of support and lockdown which makes it an incredible choice to opt for.

The Nike Fly by Mid 3 may be the cheapest basketball shoe in Nike’s lineup, but it is far from the cheapest performer.

  • The cushion is very comfortable.
  • Traction is never lost.
  • The materials appear to be of low quality.
  • It’s possible that it won’t be suitable for wide-footed people.

Adidas Harden Stepback 2

The Harden Stepback 2 has similar traction as Volume 5, but it performs better. The outsole is also suitable for usage outdoors. Bounce is included in the cushion arrangement, which provides excellent response and court feel. However, there isn’t much in the way of impact protection or compression.

The materials are excellent for a budget shoe, and they feel fantastic on the foot. It is recommended that you get a half size down because the fit is slightly oversized. Because of the half bootie design, the overall fit is excellent.

For the most part, the help works well. Although the lateral containment and stability are excellent, reviewers reported heel slippage when breaking them in. Overall, the Harden Stepback 2 is a fantastic value for the money!

  • Excellent fit
  • For the price, the materials are excellent.
  • There isn’t much impact protection.
  • There is some heel slippage.

Nike KD Trey 5 VIII

The Nike KD Trey 5 VIII has excellent traction and performs well on both clean and dusty surfaces. It’s also tough enough to be used outside. The Nike Renew foam cushion system is pleasant and provides adequate impact protection, but it is a little mushy and might be a little more responsive.

The materials are a step up over the previous Trey 5, and they’re made of a thin, comfy knit. Considering the price of the sneaker, they are shockingly high-end. These shoes have a similar fit to most KD shoes: they’re a little thin and a little long.

The support is adequate, however, on severe lateral motions, your foot may slide over the footbed. Overall, this is a fantastic low-cost sneaker that outperforms much more expensive shoes!

  • Excellent traction on all surfaces
  • Good impact resistance
  • There isn’t a lot of lateral stability.
  • Cushions can be soft and squishy.

Jordan Zoom Separate

The Jordan Zoom Separate is the Jordan brand’s newest budget-friendly style. It boasts a gripping traction pattern that works well on a variety of court surfaces. The component of the sneaker that jumps out the most is the cushioning. This shoe is ideal for forefoot-heavy players searching for impact protection thanks to the air unit in the forefoot.

The materials aren’t the most long-lasting, but they do the job. Underfoot, these are supportive and stable. The outrigger and wide base of the shoe aid, and the lacing configuration provide for more adjustment.

Overall, the Jordan Zoom Separate is a good alternative for those on a tight budget. Because the padding is designed for players who move a lot on the front of their feet, it’ll be a favorite among them.

  • Excellent forefoot support
  • The front of the shoe has a lot of padding.
  • The materials are of poor quality.

Jordan Zion 1

When Zion Williamson was at Duke, his foot ripped through the upper material of a sneaker during a game. To prevent another incident like this, the Zion 1 has one of the most extensive lateral outriggers ever seen in a basketball shoe.

On clean courts, the traction pattern is extremely sticky, but on filthy courts, it acts as a dust magnet and requires frequent washing.

With a soft foam midsole, Air Strobel, and forefoot Zoom unit, the cushioning is well-balanced. It’s not excessively springy, but it offers good impact protection and a seamless transition from heel to toe.

The materials are thin, soft, and functional, but they don’t look or feel like luxury materials. Overall, the Zion 1 is a good, affordable first trademark sneaker that can be worn by any player.

  • Big outrigger and a lot of help
  • Cushioning that is well balanced
  • On the hand, the materials feel a touch flimsy.
  • There isn’t much padding on the tongue.

Nike Renew Elevate

Does the fact that the Renew Elevate is one of Nike’s most affordable budget models show in its performance? On both outdoor and clean indoor courts, the traction pattern performs nicely. You’ll need to wipe the dust off the court from time to time if it’s dirty.

One reviewer said the Renew foam was soft and bouncy, while another believed it was too stiff and didn’t give adequate impact protection. The mesh materials appear to be inexpensive, but they give adequate support and are comfortable to wear.

Overall, you get a decent performance for only $80, comparable to the KD Trey 5 VIII but a little more supportive and with poorer material quality.

  • The traction pattern is long-lasting and effective.
  • Upper materials that are supportive
  • The materials feel and appear to be cheap.

Nike Giannis Immortality

The majority of reviewers thought the Nike Giannis Immortality’s traction was excellent. On indoor courts, the rubber compound and deep grooves in the pattern gripped well, and on dirtier courts, they didn’t take up too much dust.

Reviewers were consistently amazed by the full-length Phylon cushion. The Phylon is firm, but not as firm as comparable budget models’ cushions. It also has a small bit of impact resistance. On foot, the materials are pleasant, although performance varies across reviewers.

Support and lockdown were also criticized by reviewers as being inconsistent. The Immortality’s heel padding is inadequate, and forefoot confinement can be inconsistent at times. At the end of the day, the Nike Giannis Immortality is a budget-friendly model that performs admirably when compared to its pricing.

  • Traction was excellent.
  • On foot, it’s responsive and light.
  • The level of support varies.
  • Materials could be more effective.

How to evaluate if a pair of shoes is good for outdoor basketball?

To evaluate if the pair of shoes are compatible with outdoor basketball and will last you for a  long time then you should evaluate the following points: 

  • The outsole is comprised of tough and long-lasting rubber.
  • There are wide and deep traction grooves.
  • They shouldn’t be too expensive because they won’t last indefinitely.
  • The upper material should be robust and durable.

One thing to keep note of is: Nowadays finding the best-customized pair of basketball shoes from the leading sports brand such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and others is extremely hard to find. Thus, you should keep a keen look at the new releases to grab them as soon as they are released because finding them on the aftermarket platform is extremely difficult and expensive.

If you opt to choose regular sneakers or indoor basketball shoes then you have to go through dozens of reviews to find if they are any good for the outdoor. It may or may not be the case that you find the answer to your question as regular or indoor basketball shoes don’t provide information for outdoor durability and features. Thus, the best bet is to go through reviews and find the answer for outdoor usage which is not only time taking but also a confusing and irritating process. But don’t you worry as we have the solution for you. 

You can always review our list of the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes and we are sure that you will find the best suiting outdoor basketball shoes for yourself. We shortlisted the best offering which will not cost you a fortune so that you can opt for them and make a wise buying decision.

So let’s not waste any more time and get right into the list of the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes under $150 currently available on the market.

Top basketball shoes to buy and avoid for outdoor use

You need to get the best basketball shoes when playing outdoor. Shoes matter a lot, especially when playing outdoor. This is because outdoor cords are not very forgiving for your legs, especially your knees and your feet. There are two highly important things to look at in a shoe when playing outdoors. The first thing is durability, like if you are playing outdoors, you know the concrete is going to mess up your outsoles. And if your outsole or the rubber is super soft and you wear it out quickly then there is no point in buying it because you have to keep buying it over and over again. 

Rather you should buy a shoe that has harder rubber and that will last you a lot longer. Secondly, the cushion of the shoe also matters a lot. If you are playing on the indoor court, you know wood has a little bit of giving and it gives you better impact protection. If you are playing on concrete or asphalt, you know there is no give and hurt. Therefore, a cushion is also highly important when buying a basketball shoe. You must consider both of these factors. 

Shoes to avoid for our outdoor basketball court

There are many shoes that you should not choose to get. Don’t get the WHY NOT 0.4 basketball shoes. This is because it has terrible durability, you will run through that shoe very quickly. Similarly, the LEBRON WITNESS 5 is terrible durability. The JORDAN 35 is the other worst option too. So you must refrain from purchasing these shoes as these are a total waste of money. 

And that’s it this was the list of the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes under $150. With so many alternatives from cheap local brands to international leaders finding the best suiting outdoor basketball shoes can be incredibly time taking and can result in irritation or frustration. Thus, with our list of the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes, we hope that you will find it easy to go through the best offerings on the internet and evaluate the best suitable outdoor basketball shoe for yourself. 

We evaluated each offer from leading brands and choose the best outdoor basketball shoes that provide exceptional value to customers with extreme durability, grip, comfort, and support. With our list, you can easily evaluate each product with the pros and cons that are listed for a quick overview of the product while you can read the description of each product to better analyze the basketball shoe. 


We hope that you will find our list of the top 10 outdoor basketball shoes under $150 helpful and it will make it easier for you to select the best offering for you as an individual that can not only provide you with the basic features of a good sneaker but can also take your basketball game to a whole new level with exquisite value.