How to draw a basketball court?

A basketball court is a rectangular-shaped area. We may easily draw a rectangle but there are other things to be drawn as well to make it look like a basketball court. You may draw a basketball court just for fun or for sake of improving your drawing skills, or you may be drawing it to plan the defensive and offensive strategies. For whatever reason, you want to draw the court, in this article we are going to help you step-by-step how to draw a basketball court. Let’s get started.

Steps to draw a basketball court

Steps to draw a basketball court

1. Take a rectangular piece of paper. A rectangular piece of paper will help you design a more accurate image of the court and basketball rims because a basketball court is rectangular. Also, the drawing must be made horizontally on paper.

2. Use a ruler to draw neat and straight lines. Make a rectangle on the paper leaving around 0.25 inches from the edges of the page.

3. Draw another rectangle within the rectangle you just draw. The distance between the rectangles must be smaller than the top and bottom of the previous rectangle but it should have more area on the right and left edges.

4. Now find the center point of the top and bottom edges of the smaller rectangle and mark it. Join the center with a clean straight line using a ruler. You have drawn the half-court line.

5. Now measure a quarter of the way from the half-court line on both sides. Simply draw a tiny line from the larger rectangle to the court, slightly past the smaller rectangle.  The top and bottom of the court should have these lines on both sides of the half-court line.

6. On both the right and left sides of the smaller rectangle, draw vertical lines at the midway. This line will depict the basketball hoop’s location.

7. Now draw a triangle on the lines you just draw. The tip of the triangle should be touching the middle of the line. This will represent the basketball hoop.

8. Now at the center of the half-court line draw a circle. The initial tipoff of the ball occurs between opposing players and teams in this area of the court.

9. From the same mid-point draw another circle larger than the previous one.

10. Draw a rectangle with equal lengths on both sides of the basketball hoops. On both the right and left sides, the rectangle should come out about 1-2 inches from the hoop and be even and centered.

11. Make a semi-circle out past the free-throw line from the base of the right and left sides, where the hoop is. This will be the three-point line, and it should extend some distance beyond the free-throw line. Make sure you do this on both sides of the court and keep track of the distances, so they are equal on both sides.

12. Finally, draw a circle connecting the rectangle free-throw lane to the three-point line and slightly into the free-throw area to complete the free-throw lane. This should be done on both sides of the court, and both sides should be of the same height.

13. In the end, draw little circles in the center of the triangles on the basketball hoops. This circle should be large enough to symbolize the hoop but not engulf the entire triangle.

Hope these steps are clear enough for you all to draw the basketball court easily.

draw basketball court
Basketball court drawing

How to spin a basketball on your finger?

Basketball is a fashionable sport. The players demonstrate a variety of interesting feats while playing or practicing the game.
Crossover dribble, in-and-out, spin move, behind the back, through the legs, and many more are examples of amazing maneuvers. However, one trick that all basketball players adore and have attempted at least once in their lives is spinning the ball on their finger.

Whenever we watched our stars displaying those moves, we somehow are enchanted by them and want to replicate those same moves that the legends did so smoothly like it’s nothing.

A little history about the ball spinning on the finger; it was not invented for basketball, but it is something that was part of juggling and magic shows back in the 19th century. Even though the trick has been around for almost a century, it retains its original glitter and still appears to be incredibly magical.

The best thing about this trick is that it is easy to learn almost by everyone. It may appear difficult, and it does require strong balance and hand-eye coordination, but with the right steps and practice, you too can be spinning a basketball on your finger like a Harlem Globetrotter.

To learn the trick all you need is a sturdy basketball and your hand.

Steps to spin the basketball on a finger

Hold the ball in your hands. Put your right hand under the ball and you’re left on the side if you’re right-handed. If you are left-handed, do the exact opposite. As you spin the ball clockwise and hurl it upward. Rotate your wrist, and make sure that it is facing outwards. Now practice it a few more times.

Now you have to spin the basketball while throwing it up in the air and then catch it with your finger. The index finger on your dominant hand is the one I would recommend starting with. Maintain a 90-degree angle with your hand by keeping your finger straight and elbow bent.

Once you have taken control of the ball landing on your finger and maintaining balance then tap it gently with your opposite hand to keep the spin going and create velocity. This will gradually become natural and easy and effortless.

You will be able to spin on the second finger once you’ve mastered spinning on one finger. This is a gradual shift that can only be completed once you have mastered spinning on one finger.

Even if the processes are simple, learning the trick will not happen overnight. To master the trick, you will need to be patient. Give it time and effort to achieve your goal. As the saying is “practice makes a man perfect”. Practice it daily and you will see the results.

You will be able to show off your skill in the gym, at your friends’ houses, and wherever else you want once you have become a basketball spinning sensation. Your friends and family will be astounded, and you can then demonstrate the talent of spinning a basketball on your finger to them.

How much does a basketball weigh?

Newcomers to the game of basketball may believe that all basketballs are the same size and weight, but in truth, basketballs come in a variety of sizes and weights, depending on where it is played and by whom.

A basketball has an inflatable inner bladder which is then wrapped in layers and layers of fiber. The outer surface of the basketball can be made of any of the three materials: leather, composite (synthetic leather), or rubber. Usually, the leather basketball is preferred by professionals as it gives a good grip and is soft to touch but it can be expensive.

The standard size and weight of the basketball

According to NBA regulations, a standard basketball has a circumference of 29.5 inches and a diameter between 9.43 and 9.51 inches. It is referred to as a size 7. The weight of this basketball is 22 ounces which are about 623.69 grams to be exact, as per NBA. This basketball is standard for all men’s professional basketball associations and also for men’s high school and college basketball leagues.

Different sizes of basketball

Basketballs come in a variety of sizes in addition to the conventional size 7. These sizes are designed to fit a wide range of people. Following is the chart for the sizes of basketball:

SizeCircumferenceWeightSuitable for
Size 729.5”22 ozMen and boys ages 15 and up. This is the official size for high school, college, and the pros.
Size 628.5”20 ozBoys aged 12-14. Girls and women ages 12 and up. This is the official size for women’s high school, college, and pro basketball.
Size 527.5”17 ozBoys and girls ages 9-11 years old. This is the standard youth basketball you find in most stores.
Size 425.5”14 ozBoys and girls ages 5-8 years old.
Size 322”10 ozBoys and girls ages 4-8 years old. Also known as “mini” basketball.
Size 116”08 ozBoys and girls ages 2-4 years old. Also known as “micro-mini” basketball.
Nerf toy9-20”1-5 ozGreat for toddlers 0-4 years old. And fun for young-hearted adults too!

What does a bonus mean in basketball?

A bonus situation in a basketball game refers to the situation when the basketball player gets a chance to enter the free throw when they reach the number of fouls. There are two types of fouls, personal foul and foul-related unsporting behavior.

First, personal fouls, are any violation committed when a player blocks holes push, charges, or grabs an opponent. It’s counted as a personal foul. In defense to avoid committing a foul, you have to block your opponent with the chess and stance. The defender can move backward or to the sides, but cannot deliberately run at the opponent to make contact.

Any contact with the arms, shoulders, hips, and knees can lead to a defensive foul and a penalty while in possession of a ballplayer. An attack can be sanctioned for charging if they try to push past the defender already in position.

As a general rule, it is a player defending or attacking who approaches the opponent who is penalized for committing a foul. If a player commits five fouls, they are excluded from the game. So these are some of the rules which the players need to abide by strictly.