Types of basketball equipment and their functions

Basketball is a very common game and so is its equipment too. James Naismith, a Canadian-American physical educator, and sports coach invented the game of basketball in the year 1891. James intended to make a game that his students could play in a confined area, particularly during the winter. Basketball was born out of this game as it evolved. This game quickly became popular in America, and it is still growing.

Though at first basketball was created as a sport that can be played indoors during winters with the popularity it is now played all around the year and not only indoors but outdoors as well. It is a terrific game as it is not only fun but is a great way to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Like every other game, basketball has some laws that determine play. It also requires some necessary tools and equipment to play. In this post, we are going to talk about 7 basic pieces of basketball equipment that are necessary for the play and their functions as per the International Basketball Federation.

1. Basketball

Basketball equipments

Basketball is essential equipment in any basketball game. Consider what would happen if the game of basketball were played without the use of There, there will be no game without the ball. The basketball factors that meet the benchmarks, according to FIBA’s rules, are:

  • The ball’s size must correspond to the game’s requirements. The following basketball sizes are appropriate for the class:
  • Size 7 ball for ages 14 and up to boy seniors
  • Size 6 ball for girls 14 and up to senior citizens
  • For boys and girls aged 13 and under, a size 5 ball
  • Rubber is used for the ball, which is wrapped with synthetic leather or rubber.
  • The weight of the ball varies between 600 and 650 grams.
  • When the ball is bounced from a height of 180 cm to the floor, the pressure on the ball ranges from 4.26 to 4.61 psi, and the ball will rebound to a height of 120 cm to 140 cm (not to exceed 140 cm).

That is the criterion for selecting a basketball that satisfies international standards. Many brands manufacture according to the given criteria.

2. Basketball shoes

basketball shoes

Basketball shoes are an important piece of equipment. The shape of the Basketball shoes is what distinguishes them from other sports shoes, which are somewhat taller at the ankle to protect the ankle from injury.

The sole or base of the shoe is then composed of anti-slip material for usage on the field since the basketball game pattern, which includes sprinting and jumping actions necessitates anti-slip shoes that aid in these movements.

Rapid acceleration and deceleration, lateral movement, and jumping ability are all important in this game. As a result, a basketball shoe must have a combination of support, shock absorption, flexibility, and stability.

3. Players’ uniform

basketball equipment uniform

Like every sport, each basketball player on each team is required to wear a uniform so that teammates and opponents can be distinguished throughout the game. Uniforms will also help the team look more cohesive and appealing while playing.

Basketball outfits consist of sleeveless jerseys, and they pair them with knee-length shorts, all of which are designed to aid the players’ movement.

The uniforms are specifically made of breathable materials that allow the body to cool and prevent overheating. The coaches are allowed to choose from a range of textiles, but for basketball clothing, NBA mesh and dazzle is the ideal material. For letters and graphics, can either sew or dye their letters and graphics on the fabric.

4. Knee pads

basketball equipment knee pad

A knee pad is an elastic material designed to protect the areas of the body that are moving from injury caused by incorrect positioning during the movement. Knee pads provide a cover for basketball players to buffer impact from high-speed collisions on the court, which can cause bruises, grazes, and even broken bones. The padding protects the patella and decreases the danger of a fracture or break, providing sportsmen peace of mind while they play. Basketball players typically wear protection on their elbows, knees, and ankles.

5. Basketball ring

basketball equipment and their function

A ring and a net make up the basket. The rings are composed of strong iron and measured 45 cm in diameter. The ring is 305 centimeters from the floor surface and 15 centimeters from the basketball board surface. Moreover, a 40 cm long net is suspended from the ring.

To score the players, have to shoot the basketball through the ring. Whenever a team is succeeded to pass the basketball through the hoop, they earn points. It can be either one, two, or three, points per basket scored.

6. Basketball board

basketball equipment board

The basketball board is constructed with wood or a clear, see-through material like acrylic or plastic glass which is 3 cm thick. The basketball board measures 180 cm in length and 120 cm in width.

From the surface of the floor to the bottom of the board, the board is 275 centimeters high and 120 centimeters perpendicular to the distance between the center points of the court’s finish line.

The backboard is used in basketball to prevent the ball from going out of bounds during a shot and to assist in directing the ball into the basket when shooting from close range.

7. Basketball court

A basketball court is a rectangular field that is 28 meters long and 15 meters broad when measured from the boundary line’s edge. There are various separating lines on a basketball court, including the three-point zone semicircle line and the free-throw line. In the image above, the size of each line can be seen. A basketball court has two basketball stands that are placed opposite each other.

Indoor basketball courts are traditionally built of polished wood. Since the game’s inception in 1891, hard maple has been the chosen wood, and it continues to be the gold standard in both college and professional leagues, demonstrating the material’s compatibility.

Outdoor basketball courts are usually constructed of common paving materials like asphalt or concrete. Asphalt and concrete are low-cost materials that can withstand extreme weather. Asphalt courts, on the other hand, can deteriorate with time, cracking and eroding.

Choosing the right basketball equipment

To play basketball, it is highly important to be well equipped as it is an essential step for the security and comfort of basketball players. The most necessary items to play basketball are appropriate kit shoes and a ball. Firstly your kit in basketball players wear shorts and a sleeveless shirt that facilitates the movement of your arms. The color of the vest helps you tell the teams apart. Be careful not to wear any jewelry which could hurt you or your opponents.

Secondly, your shoes are in basketball. There are high-top shoes and low-top shoes. High-top shoes offer good support to avoid sprains, a common injury among basketball players. Low-top shoes give you more freedom of movement and are often lighter. The shoes should be well cushioned to preserve the joints and the back. They should also feel nice, comfy, and sturdy too.

The ball is generally, made of rubber for outdoor play or leather for indoor play, the basketball comes in different sizes. Size 5 balls are used by children up to the age of about 11. Then comes the size 6 balls are a bit bigger and are generally used in women’s basketball as well as for players under 13 years old, size 7 balls are slightly bigger again and are the standard in men’s basketball for players over 14. The basic equipment to practice basketball is simple and quite cheap which means it is easy to get started. Choose the right ball, get your shoes on, and it is over to you.


So, this was all about the basic and important equipment of basketball. However, basketball is one of the games that does not require very heavy or expensive types of equipment. One can start with a very basic kit too. Most of you wonder why the equipment is even needed. So, here is the reason firstly a basketball player will feel more committed to the game and confident at the same time. The basketball equipment will ensure the safety of the basketball player and will boost the confidence and devotedness of the player. Furthermore, a complete kit will lead to greater success for the player too.