Best Lights for Basketball Court

There is a huge variety of basketball court lighting. However, this article will provide you with the top 4 lights of that variety. Almost all the basketball games are played indoors in a closed arena. Because there is no natural light in the arena, the basketball court must be properly lighted so that players can play without being obstructed and spectators can watch the game clearly from every end of the arena.

Top 4 lighting for a basketball court

1. Hyper lite LED flood light

The Hyper lite mars series led floodlight is different from other floodlights. This comes with high brightness with 120 lumens per watt luminous efficiency which is 20 percent brighter than other lamps. By using a tempered glass lens and deeper white reflection, the mars floodlight maximizes the output of light with high light transmittance while reducing glare to protect the eyes from any harm.

Furthermore, the wide range of 120-degree illumination can effectively illuminate corners. The mars floodlight is the top choice for large space lighting. This light is widely used in squares stadiums gardens warehouses etc.

Second ip65 waterproof guarantees the mars floodlight is equipped with an external respiratory device that can prevent the water mist from rain, heat, snow, and the environment generated inside the lamp. This greatly reduces the effect of light brightness.

  • Waterproof
  • Brilliant Build Quality
  • Extremely Bright
  • 120 Degree illumination
  • Easy to Setup
  • Expensive

Hyper lite basketball LED

2. Goalrilla LED basketball hoop light

This is also a great option for basketball players to use on the basketball court. These are powerful, long-lasting LED lights used for outdoor basketball courts. This comes with a new, trendy, and highly innovative design. it is easy to install these lights and set the position in a way that it doesn’t harm the player’s eyes and stays out of it. Therefore, one can go for this as this is a highly compatible and feasible choice.

  • High Compatibility and Feasible
  • Easy to Setup
  • Energy Efficient
  • Affordable
  • No water resistance
  • Satisfactory Build Quality

Goalrilla LED basketball hoop light

3. Silverback LED basketball hoop light

This is again a powerful and long-lasting light. This is positioned and extends over the top of the basketball hoop for increased safety of eyes and proper functioning. You will not find any difficulty in the installation process of this light and also it has an optimal light positioning which directs it onto the court and keeps it away from the direct contact of the player’s eyes. Another advantage of this light is that it is highly compatible with silverback and other basketball hoops

  • Compatible and Dynamic
  • Easy to Setup
  • Energy Efficient
  • Affordable
  • No water resistance
  • Satisfactory Business Quality

Silverback LED Basketball Hoop Light

4. Tin sum solar energy 300W LED solar floodlights

This comes with remote control for the basketball court. This is one of the easiest lightings as it is highly easy to operate with the remote option of on and on and also contains the adjustable brightness option. Furthermore, this can be fully adjusted to a 90 degree and is easy to install too. Another plus point of this basketball court lighting is that it gets automatically charged with solar energy and lasts for longer.  

  • 90 Degree Light
  • Solar Energy Powered
  • Bright Light
  • Energy Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Expensive
  • Hard to Setup

Why choosing the right shade is important?

Opting for the right shade of light is also very important when it comes to lighting up the arena. Warmer tones will heat the arena and may cause suffocation. Bluish-white or white lights create a more visible visual focal point for the audience and a better, brighter appearance. LED high bay lighting is the go-to preference of many arenas because of its improved efficiency and color-rendering abilities.

There is no surprise that lighting for well-lit basketball courts consumes a lot of electricity. A basketball game lasts roughly 2 hours on average, not including the time spent before and after the game. LED lighting can offer increased efficiency and can result in energy savings of approximately 50% while maintaining the same brightness levels in place of traditional metal halide basketball lighting. LED lighting has an energy efficiency of around 140 lumens to watt, nearly twice that of traditional metal halide basketball lighting.

The LUX level, often described as the measure of the intensity of the lights, is an important consideration when it comes to basketball court lighting. The number of lighting fixtures, the wattage levels for each fixture, and their placement all influence the LUX levels for basketball illumination. For basketball arena lighting, there are two LUX levels, which are determined by whether or not the game will be televised.

To ensure that the illumination is up to code, 2,000 LUX levels are required for a televised professional basketball game. This level of basketball illumination provides adequate visibility on the court and allows broadcast cameras to capture all of the action. whereas only 200 LUX levels are required for a non-televised game.

When it comes to indoor basketball court lighting, a simple rule to keep in mind is that horizontal light levels should be around 80-foot candles. Another thing that should be taken into consideration while lighting the court is the brightest spot should be located outside of the playing area. Players will struggle to see properly if the illumination intensifies at the wrong spot in your arrangement. The outer cast of basketball lights is sufficient to light most of the playing field and provide the players and spectators with adequate amounts of illumination to see.

The floor of the indoor basketball court has a sheen to it. Interior lighting fixtures with high glare levels might cause players to get distracted and unable to play to their full potential. When it comes to basketball lighting, reducing glare as much as possible is critical. While some glare is unavoidable, there are various actions you may do to limit it to bearable levels. If you want proper lighting, choose basketball stadium lights with glare reduction shields. The type of light fixture you select also has an impact on glare reduction — sports lights and floodlights are two of the most prevalent options.

Before Getting Started

While you may like your light-filled court and midnight basketball games, if your arena is in a suburban location, think about your fellow citizens and the light’s influence on their properties while considering lighting. Check to see if your power source can handle the extra load and how much it will expense.

Do your research on placement, operating costs, and maintenance, especially if you choose metal halide lamps, which must be handled with caution. Finally, creating and implementing outdoor lighting requires more than a few poles. It’s best to hire an experienced specialist to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The notion of round-the-clock basketball is thrilling to basketball fans. After the sun sets, an outside basketball court provides you and your squad with a location to play, work out, or simply shoot some points.

Most basketball players wish to get appropriate and highly efficient basketball court lights for their match, however, there is a huge variety of basketball court lights and they are discussed as follows.

Shining a Light on Your Arrangement

best lights for a basketball court

Lumens (lm) are measurement unit that indicates how much light a bulb produces. Watts are perhaps more recognizable to you, although they merely quantify how much energy is required to light a device. A 40W bulb emits 450lm for comparison purposes.

If your spot measures 94 feet long by 50 feet wide, you’re in NBA territory. However, the average high school court is 84 feet by 50 feet, with six poles 15 to 20 feet from the base and 45,000 lumens on each light. Going upwards will provide brighter illumination, but it will also require substantially more lumens to get the crucial light coverage. The solution is to use additional lights with a lower lumen rating.  Your light penetration will be more even if you have additional sources.

How to light a dark basketball court?

The lighting of the basketball court is critical, especially if you are playing in a dark indoor venue. If the court is outdoors, you may not need as much lighting as the natural light is sufficient even at night. You might need around 2-4 LED shoebox lights or floodlights and you will be good to go. But in the case of indoors, things are a little tricky.

To understand the lighting of a basketball court, we have to learn about foot candles. The official sports lighting standards are measured in it. It indicates how much light is available per square foot. The two factors that are considered before lighting a basketball court are: a) who is playing the game? b) Who will watch the game? These two factors determine how much light is required for a basketball game.

For an elementary school game, only 50-foot candles will be needed whereas for a local high school game the numbers will go up to 75-foot candles. When it comes to college basketball games, the math might be a little complex. Ordinary games require significantly less light than televised games. The forthcoming Red Bull USA Basketball 3X Nationals will require much more because they will be broadcast nationally. A massive 125 foot-candles will be required for the Championship game.

Why is it good?

The sort of fixtures used above the court is also influenced by the players and spectators. Metal halide or LED fixtures are the best forms of illumination for college basketball courts, with a few exceptions. Because cameras require additional light than the human eye to accurately grab color and motion, these sorts of lights create more Lumens per Watt than other technologies, making them vital for television broadcasts.

Furthermore, its excellent color rendering index (CRI) is a significant plus. High-pressure sodium fixtures are a reasonable option for smaller courts where CRI isn’t as crucial, such as high schools or rec leagues, especially if the original budget is too tight for MH lamps or LEDs.

Parabolic reflectors

Generally, parabolic reflectors are used to help diffuse the light so that the teams and their viewers are not blinded. Mounting fixtures 3 to 4 feet from the ceiling is advised. Because gym ceilings are typically 25 feet high, the fixtures would be installed 21 to 22 feet above the gym floor for best lighting. Also, because athletes don’t always know their power, employing die-cast aluminum fixtures with safety chains is the ideal option. When the ball hits the fixtures, they will swing instead of crashing to the ground.

So, to light up a dark basketball court you will have to determine the game to be played and the audience first. Then light up the court accordingly.


In the end, we can conclude the topic of the best lights for a basketball court with the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of offerings on the market that provides different functionalities as per the client’s requirement. We with our list of the best lights for a basketball court allow our readers to have a hassle-free experience when it comes to shopping for the best basketball court lights.

So, for lighting the basketball court these aspects must consider. LED lights must be used for energy efficiency. The lights must be of cooler tones. LUX levels should take into consideration according to the game to be played. The lights must have color rendering and glare reduction shields.  Also, the placement of the lights must plan thoroughly. Hope this article has provided you with ample information about lighting a basketball court.

We made sure that we critically analyze and evaluate each product and formulate the advantages and disadvantages of them so that you can easily evaluate which provides the best value to you and your basketball court requirement.

Thus, if you require and want to set up a light that can make the basketball experience of your court more interesting and fun then we are sure that the products listed above will be a great addition to your basketball court. We hope that you liked all the information that we curate for this article.