Best Basketballs for Autographs

If you are getting a chance to collect the signatures of your favorite player and want to treasure them and display them as a trophy in your home, then get it on the basketball. The basketballs are typically in orange color and the sign might not be prominent on it. So, you will need a basketball that is made especially for the autographs. Below are the options for the best basketballs for autographs

Although selfies are the new way of treasuring moments, nothing can beat an autographed object. Indeed, no object is more treasured by a dedicated basketball fan than an autographed item from their favorite NBA and basketball star. Getting an item autographed by an NBA player, whether it’s a signed and autographed basketball, a jersey, or a photo of your favorite player, will not only boost its value but also make it more special to you.

Fans are seeking a souvenir or memento to take home with them. This memento, whether it’s a signed jersey, an autographed book authored by the player, a basketball, or even a scrap of paper, represents and helps fans remember their encounter with a great athlete. 

9 Best Basketballs for Autographs

1. Wilson NBA all-star autograph basketball

With the Wilson 2022 NBA All-Star Autograph Basketball, you will be ready when you meet face to face with your favorite top players in the league. It is a high-quality product that helps fans to showcase their most cherished moments. The NBA all-star has a very sleek design. The ball is boldly wrapped with Cleveland iconography and colors, with an autograph cover across four panels. The backside of the NBA all-star has a tacky pebbled material for convenient grip while signing the ball, which makes it one of the best basketballs for autographs. 


  • The NBA all-star autograph is Cleveland all-star theme basketball. It pays tribute to Cleveland, which will host the 2022 All-Star Game.
  • The cover of NBA all-star has a signature-ready smooth white surface that is designed to help you keep track of your autographs.
  • It is designed with high-quality standards to keep you entertained for a long time.
  • An inflation retention liner ensures that air is retained for a longer period.
  • NBA pro seams are introduced which is a new channel structure that caters to player preferences has been introduced.
  • As Wilson is the NBA’s official basketball, official NBA branding is combined with the famous Wilson script on this ball.

Wilson NBA all-star autograph basketball

2. Wilson WNBA autograph basketball

Our women stars are as much worthy of our praise and appreciation as the men. The Wilson WNBA Autograph Basketball honors the outstanding women who are making their mark on the game. the fans could cherish their female stars’ historical moments by treasuring their autographs of those particular games. Enjoy the traditional WNBA orange appearance and feel of the front panels of this deluxe trophy basketball for autographs.


  • More grip points and improved ball control while dribbling and shooting are provided by deeper channels between the panels of the ball.
  • The signature-ready clean white surface of the Autograph Cover is designed to help you keep track of your autographs.
  • The standard design of the ball helps to keep the shape for an extended period.
  • It has pressure lock technology.
  • Longer-lasting air retention is achieved by using an inflation retention liner.
  • It is designed to be displayed, the quality of a premium trophy
  • The iconic look features the WNBA’s classic fire and white color scheme.
  • Wilson is also WNBA’s official basketball player so, official WNBA branding is combined with the distinctive Wilson script on this ball too like the NBA all-star.

Wilson WNBA autograph basketball

3. Spalding signature series autograph basketball

Spalding’s Signature Series Autograph Basketball can let you keep your sports memories alive.

The Signature Basketball is made with care and accuracy, and it has four white panels that are effortless to sign and read. The ball is made of composite material, which allows for great moisture control, allowing you to maintain a strong grip on the ball during all four quarters. The Signature also features specifically designed wide channels for a more comfortable grip for the shooter. To achieve optimal structural stability, the Basketball’s symmetrical winding layer is composed of nylon. The ball’s butyl bladder is rotationally balanced for maximum air retention.

The Spalding Signature Autograph Basketball, with its sleek style and sophisticated design, is a terrific way to recall that special squad, coach, or game!


  • The cover is made of composite material, giving it a strong grip.
  • It has polyester windings providing the ball protection and adding to its durability.
  • The bladder of Spalding’s signature autograph basketball is made of natural rubber which provides maximum air retention.
  • The synthetic leather cover of the ball is of high quality.
  • It comes in official 29.5, size 7 men’s basketball.
  • Four large white panels are available for autographs.

Spalding signature series autograph basketball

4. BSN Sports autograph basketball

BSN SPORTS is the largest distributor of team sports apparel and equipment in the United States, having been founded in 1972 as a factory-direct equipment company. They are the ultimate Nike, Under Armour, and other national brand teamwear outfitters. With this Official-Size Autograph Basketball, make a lasting memento for the hometown heroes. With this ball, you can easily add an eye-catching centerpiece to any trophy cabinet, and the laminated synthetic leather cover will last for years. Bring the two-color ball to the big game and get it autographed by all of the major players on the white panels, which allow you to view the players’ written autographs and jersey numbers easily. This basketball is intended primarily for display reasons, with its official size 7, making it excellent for recalling championship seasons and team accomplishments.


  • For any school or squad, the laminated synthetic leather cover offers a long-lasting treasure.
  • The eye-catching two-color ball is a spectacular centerpiece for display cabinets.
  • White panels are easy to write on and make autographs of athletes stand out.
  • The official 29.5-inch size adds authenticity to the trophy case.
  • The ball is only meant to be displayed to commemorate special occasions.

5. Baden Sports autograph basketball

Baden Sports (pronounced BAH-den) is a third-generation family-owned athletic goods firm that was founded in 1979. It is committed to offering high-quality, bespoke, and personalized athletic equipment to athletes. The Baden’s produce top-quality, customizable basketballs. The Baden’s autograph basketball is great for college or school games. Do you wish to surprise your coach? The Baden sports full-size autograph basketball is a great way to thank your coach after the season. The autograph basketball can be personalized with the name of the team, coach, or your favorite player. Just get it signed after the game and treasure it for a lifetime


  • It is an official size 7 men’s basketball.
  • To collect even more autographs, the 29.5″ Autograph basketball comes with two white autograph panels or four autograph panels.
  • It is a personalized item. Have your coach’s or player’s name laser engraved to create a one-of-a-kind personalized basketball.
  • The autograph panels are created specifically to resist our high-quality printing capabilities.
  • The remaining panels of the ball are made of our game ball composite material.
  • It is specifically for light entertainment and autographs purposes.

6. Wilson autograph mini basketball

Wilson’s NCAA Mini Basketball will keep your reflexes and sporting instincts sharp. Wilson is the official basketball of the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Championships because they seek to push the boundaries of sports performance and optimize your athletic potential. This ball has a two-tone design that includes both classic orange and white tones.

The NCAA Mini is ideal for honing your ball-handling skills at home, on the go, or in any situation where a standard basketball simply won’t suffice. The white panels are perfect for your favorite stars’ autographs. Practicing your skills at home with your favorite player’s signature is a great motivation.


  • Signatures are captured on a surface that has been specially designed to capture them.
  • It is a smaller version of the standard size. transportable, handleable, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • A new channel structure that caters to player preferences has been introduced with NBA pro seams.
  • Wilson’s NCAA Mini Basketball is suitable for players of all ages.
  • White and classic tones are used in a two-color design.
  • It is ideal for honing your ball-handling skills and reflexes.
  • This mini basketball is ideal for on-the-go practice or in spaces when the room is at a limit.

7. Spalding NBA mini autograph basketball

Spalding too comes with a mini version of the NBA autograph basketball. It’s a mini reproduction of the genuine NBA Game Ball. This miniature NBA Spalding has double white panels which are ideal for collecting autographs. It has one large white panel to get your autographs on. NBA Mini Basketball has an authentic NBA look and is the perfect size for small children. It is a size 1 ball with a circumference of 16″.


  • This Spalding Mini 5-inch Basketball has one white surface for autographs and is a miniature reproduction of a real NBA Game Ball.
  • It is a very good quality product, autographs and collectors will love this piece.
  • The cover is made of high-quality synthetic leather.
  • For autographs, there is a large white panel.
  • It is in mini basketball size. The diameter is 5 inches.

8. Baden Micro Mini Autograph Panel Basketball

The Baden micro mini autograph ball is a good choice for collectors. The mini ball has alternate white and brown paneling. The white panels are made smooth so it is easy to give autographs. The brown panels are made up of composite materials. The ball is constructed with synthetic materials. The small size makes it ideal to display in tight spaces. It is made specifically for autographs so not so good for playing.


  • The Baden micro mini basketball has brown/white panels alternating
  • The brown panels are made of composite
  • The white panels are made smooth for autographs. 
  • As a Collectible, it’s fantastic.
  • The materials used in the construction of the ball are synthetic.
  • It is great for collectible use.
  • size 1 mini basketball with a circumference of 15.3/16″
  • It is of official weight.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Good for all skill levels.

9. Adidas NCAA mini autograph basketball

Re you an NCAA fan? Would you like your favorite team’s logo on a basketball that you want autographs on from the team players? This miniature basketball is designed for fans of NCAA basketball. If yes, then this should be your pick. This basketball, which is made of durable synthetic leather and features a traditional team emblem, is ideal for collecting signatures from college basketball stars.


  • It is an extremely strong, long-lasting mini basketball.
  • The synthetic leather of the mini basketball is made of 100% polyurethane
  • The ball is machine stitched.
  • It comes in miniature size, 3 inches wide, approx.
  • The logo of the NCAA team is screen printed on the ball.

Some other options

If these branded options are unavailable, then you may also get plain autograph basketballs from Logobrands or

Logobrands plain red full-size autograph basketball

The full-size autograph basketball is officially licensed and of exceptional quality, making it ideal for gifts, collectors, and home or office displays. Four brown pebble grain panels and four smooth white panels provide plenty of space for signatures. Show no doubt about your support for the team with the huge logo and wordmark. To avoid smearing, sign with a permanent marker and allow time for it to dry.


  • For autographs, there are four smooth white panels.
  • Logos that are debossed
  • Composite materials are used in the ball.

Minisportsballs 5″ Signature Mini Basketball

If nothing is available then these can be the choice for the day. The mini basketball is a size 1 ball. It has one to two white panels for the autographs to be taken on. This can be customized with logos of the teams, your favorite player or coach’s name, or your school’s name. It is good for school games and presents. For long-lasting autographs, it’s a good idea to try out several kinds and colors of permanent markers. Although it is not guaranteed that all brands, colors, or markers will not fade or smear.


  • One or two white signature panels for autographs are included with these high-quality synthetic leather mini basketballs.
  • Autograph Signings, Kids Parties, Final Four Parties, Give-Aways, Season Kick-Off, Homecoming Events, Player Signings, Game Balls, and Trade Shows are all great uses for this item.
  • For schools and booster organizations, bright, bold imprinted inscriptions help foster team spirit.
  • Synthetic Leather Signature Basketballs are offered in Mini or Full-Size Signature Basketballs with Two or One White Signature Panel.
  • Mini Basketballs are delivered fully inflated with an athletic valve for re-inflating.


Whether you want to treasure the precious moments with your favorite stars or are seeking to raise some money by selling the autographed ball, make sure to buy the basketballs that are particularly made for the said purpose.

Because autographs of several NBA players are worth a lot of money and maybe sold to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, this is especially true when an all-star athlete passes away, as was the case with the late Kobe Bryant.

Similarly, the simple procedure of obtaining an NBA player’s autograph is part of the fun, excitement, and thrill for many fans. Many fans simply love the process of receiving an autograph from their favorite NBA player, from meeting them to having them sign their objects. Obtaining an NBA player’s autograph, on the other hand, can be tough.

Also, make sure to check the quality of the autograph panels beforehand because if the signature wipes away or fades away then all your hard work to get those signatures will go in vain. These are once-in-a-lifetime chances, and you must not miss them. Hope you get your trophy-worthy basketball from our list.