Best basketball for indoor and outdoor

Right now basketball is one of the most popular sports globally. There are so many choices and options to choose from that it gets tiresome. If you want to buy the best basketball for indoor and outdoor then there are so many factors that need to be taken into account. Moreover, with so many options and models of basketball out there, it might seem like a hassle to choose the correct size. 

Usually, manufacturers make different basketballs for indoor and outdoor courts as both courts require different abilities. However, numerous companies have now started making basketballs that are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor courts. Furthermore, choosing the right basketball has to do with a lot of factors. As a beginner in the game of basketball, a standard professional-sized ball may not be the best option for you, because of the size, weight, and materials used in making the ball. 

7 best basketball for indoor and outdoor

1. Wilson Evolution indoor and outdoor basketball

If you are tired of not getting your desired results in indoor or outdoor basketball even after immense practice, maybe your basketball is the problem. For better performance, unmatched control, soft texture, and perfect shooting, you need to get your hands on the Wilson Evolution ball. This is the most popular ball amongst high schoolers and college students. 

The leathery smooth texture of this ball gives you a professional feel. Although this ball is made of synthetic leather, it feels a lot closer to original leather basketballs. If we talk about the texture of this ball, it has channels made into it that help absorb moisture. These channels absorb the sweat from your hands and prevent the ball from slipping away. Moreover, these moisture-wicking channels help strengthen your grip. Apart from being a professional-level ball, it is quite budget-friendly and that makes it a fan favorite.


Wilson Evolution ball is specially designed for your indoor courts. However, it works perfectly for outdoor courts as well.  It is available in three different sizes. The official 29.5 inches size. The intermediate is 28.5 inches in size, and the youth size is 27.5 inches. 

Furthermore, the microfiber leather cover provides you with extreme durability and a top-notch grip. The pebbling helps you maintain control over the ball, and channels help you achieve the best shooting grip. Moreover, the cushion core technology of this ball makes it comfortable to hold and easy to dribble with. The correct grip will take your game to another level and help you play to your fullest potential. 

If you want to achieve the perfect grip, this is the ball for you. The size of this ball is ideal and fits easily in your hand. Wilson Evolution is the best choice for people who want to level their game up.  The bottom line is that durability and grip are the two best features of this basketball.

  • Extremely affordable price
  • Unmatched durability
  • Lasts for years if used indoors
  • Gives the player a superior level of grip
  • Provides the player with amazing control
  • Not ideal for beginners as it might feel too bouncy to them

Wilson Evolution basketball for indoor and outdoor

2. Spalding NBA Zi/O

The most selling composite leather basketball is the Spalding NBA Zi/O. The ball has a soft and spongy thin layer of foam that aids you in dribbling and passing. It is made by keeping in mind the professional standard of NBA games. If you want something to help better your game and improve your shooting skills, then this is the ball for you. Moreover, the grip on this ball tends to smooth with time. It is suitable for use on the harsh concrete floors and walls of outdoor courts, as well as in indoor courts. Although some might argue that this ball is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use, it is best if this ball is played only on indoor courts. 


One of the most important features of this ball is its even and consistent bounce. If you want a ball that can sustain the smooth and closed walls and floors of the indoor court, Spalding NBA Zi/O should be your top pick. The ball has been made with synthetic leather and a special cushioning material to provide you with the utmost comfort and make handling the ball great for you. Furthermore, the full ball pebbling gives it a professional feel and helps improve your grip. 

If a good bounce is your priority, then this is an ideal ball for you. Furthermore, the seams of the ball help in maintaining a good air seal so the ball does not deflate easily. The durable composite leather is not an ideal choice for harsh concrete floors and walls of outdoor courts, but it is perfect for indoor courts. This composite leather increases the lifespan of the ball. This ball comes in sizes 6 and 7 and has numerous pros. A strong grip, comfort in playing, and perfect bounce are something the Spalding NBA Zi/O successfully provides. 

  • It does not require breaking in
  • It has a top-notch bouncing ability
  • Ideal grip
  • Best construction design made of Foam 
  • Provides the player with a strong grip
  • Only available in one color
  • More suitable for people with bigger hands

Spalding NBA Zi/O basketball

3. Wilson NCAA Replica

Wilson is a popular brand famous for its best quality basketballs. When you talk about the basketball game, Wilson is most probably at the top of the game. Their wide range of excellent quality composite leather basketballs makes your playing experience even better

One such range provided by the Wilson is their Wilson NCAA Replica basketball. It is a very soft composite leather basketball that provides you with just the right amount of grip. Outdoor balls generally do not have much grip, so as this is an indoor/outdoor ball it has a good grip. You must have heard that confidence is the key to success. the soft and smooth cover of this ball gives you so much confidence that it makes your shots and throws even more accurate. 


The ball’s composite leather cover helps you play effortlessly and does not let the ball slip away even when you have sweaty hands. The ball tends to take time in wearing out and so its durability is a given. Furthermore, if you talk about the bounce, it is quite good. 

The ball does not feel flat in your hand, but the bounce might seem to vary from time to time. In addition to its great grip, the Wilson NCAA Replica is a very budget-friendly option. However, being light on the pocket does not mean its ability to dribble or control is compromised in any way. In indoor courts, bounce is the main feature needed, bounce is not quite the strong suit of this ball. Apart from that, the build, grip, and control of this ball are truly amazing. 

Moreover, this ball also has a moisture absorbing feature, which makes it ideal for your sweaty hands and summer games. This feature does not compromise your shooting or dribbling skills at all. This ball is available in two colors and is easily available in size 6.

 As it is a replica, it offers the same qualities as the NCAA official game ball. The moisture-absorbing cover is specially designed for indoor and outdoor courts. This feature is further paired with laid-in channels and cushion core technology that makes this ball a favorite among all players. The final word for Wilson NCAA Replica is that it provides superb grip, amazing durability, excellent price, and good control for your basketball game. 

  • Very Affordable
  • Provides the player with a great grip
  • Quite Durable
  • Great for indoor and outdoor courts
  • Very soft
  • Available in multiple different colors
  • Has a leather feel
  • The bounce is a little inconsistent
  • Does not come in size 6

WILSON NCAA Replica Game Basketball

4. Molten X-series

Molten is not a very popular brand out there, but its x series range of basketballs is truly incredible. There is a huge difference between playing a game of basketball on an indoor court and playing one on an outdoor court with harder floors and rough walls. Not all balls are suitable for all kinds of courts, however, the Molten X-series is highly suitable for any kind of court. These basketballs are easy to control even during the wet season with rain pouring all around.  The promised durability at such a reasonable price makes this basketball worth every penny. If you have even an inch of doubt in your mind, remember that Molten is declared the official brand of FIBA. Furthermore, it is being used in most international tournaments by multiple top-tier professional athletes. 


It is designed using high ultra quality composite leather. It was created to provide the players with the highest level of functionality without compromising on the finesse of the basketball. This ball has a composite cover material and performs well on all types of surfaces and also provides you with a full year of warranty. Moreover, the thick cover layer of the ball may result in it wearing down a little more quickly. As the ball is used on all types of surfaces, it is more prone to wear and tear. 

  • Suitable for all types of basketball courts
  • It is approved by FIBA
  • It has a durable Butyl bladder that prevents leaks
  • It has a 12-panel design
  • Provides you 1 full year of warranty
  • available in all sizes
  • impressive grip
  • very reasonable price
  • the Cover material is not made of top-notch quality

5. The Under Armour 495

The Under Armour 495 is a ball unique and authentic in its way. It is suitable for indoors as well as outdoor courts. This ball is made in a special way to withstand harsh weather and rugged courts. Moreover, if you aim to buy a ball that feels good on your palms and withstands the rough conditions of an outdoor court, then this is the ball for you. The Under Armour 495 has a long life even after such intense use. It is a great ball for someone looking for something familiar and well-made. 

As the brand is well known, it never compromises on the quality of its products. Some might underestimate this ball and think that it is somehow inferior to the Wilson Evolution or the Spalding NBA Zi/O, however, this is in no way the truth. Under Armour 495 has a range of features and functions that are unmatched. It is also easily available in different colors so the same old orange-colored basketball is not sore to your eyes.


The outer layer of this ball is covered in soft composite leather that provides you with the best grip and the ball gives you a consistent bounce on both types of basketball courts. This ball provides you with a soft feel, firm grip, and a good life span. 

This is one of the most customer-satisfying brands known. Furthermore, the composite leather cover gives the player a great grip throughout the game. The 100 percent nylon promises high durability and provides long-time service. 

The air retention in this ball is ideal due to the 100% butyl bladder. In addition, the deep channels with full pebbling give you an excellent grip, and control, and make your shooting skills even better. The Under Armour 495 comes in two different sizes of 29.5inches and 28.5 inches. This ball is a great option at such a reasonable price. Although it is ideal for indoor and outdoor courts, the best feel of this ball comes on a wooden court. 

  • provides the player with a great grip
  • Good value for your money
  • The bouncing ability is consistent 
  • Ideal ball for wooden courts
  • Fairly good at retaining air
  • Available only in two sizes
  • Deflates a little faster when played outdoor

6. The Wilson Tournament basketball

The Wilson Tournament basketball sets a high bar for indoor/outdoor basketballs. Once it is used a little, it gets extremely comfortable in the player’s hands. This ball provides the player with excellent durability and an amazing grip. The aqua grip gives the player control over the ball on another level. The grip is the key as it keeps you in control of the game. As the name suggests, this ball is a great option for all your important tournaments and games. It needs a little breaking in, but the grip and control it provides the player is worth this much little hassle. 


If we talk about the features of the ball, it has the best cushion core technology and a consistent bounce. The low-density rubber paired with Butyl makes the ball much more durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, the pebbled composite channels make your game top-notch. Furthermore, the cushion core technology makes this ball extremely durable and increases its lifespan. It is available in 29.5 inches and 28.5 inches. If you want a great Wilson basketball at a low price point then Tournament basketball is your best bet. The thin cushion layer makes the ball light in weight and it fits perfectly in a player’s hands.

  • Provides great grip to the player
  • Available in two different sizes: size 7 (29.5”), size 6 (28.5”) 
  • Extremely affordable price range 
  • The outer cover might wear down after a few months
  • It doesn’t have the laid-in composite channels that are in other Wilson composite balls.

7. Spalding never flat Elite indoor-outdoor basketball 

The last ball that deserves a mention in this outdoor and indoor basketball guide is the Spalding Never Flat Elite basketball. It provides the user with the best grip and makes the slipping away of the ball a hard choice.

 The perfect balance of hardcover and smooth texture is achieved by the Spalding never flat elite Basketball. Unlike professional NBA basketballs, this one does not dig a hole in your pocket. If you are someone who wants a very bouncy, air retained basketball with a reasonable price point, then this ball is the one for you!

If we talk about the features of this basketball, it is known to hold air ten times longer than any other basketball on the market. It comes in the official size 7 which is 29.5 inches. The ball is made of premium quality composite cover with a sponge casing. If you are someone who is done with the whole pumping air into the ball before every game, then this is the ball for you. It is made of high composite leather which provides you great grip and a soft feeling. 

  • Professional performance
  • Soft texture and feel
  • Amazing grip
  • Very affordable price. 
  • Might feel a little noisy to some players

Do indoor and outdoor courts have different requirements from a basketball?

If we speak generally, yes indoor courts have different needs from a basketball than an outdoor court. An indoor-only basketball has a much longer lifespan than an outdoor basketball or even an indoor and outdoor basketball. 

This is because the indoor courts have smooth wooden floors that promise the durability of the ball and prevent it from wear and tear. On the other hand, an outdoor-only basketball has less bouncing ability but a very strong cover to withstand all the rough edges, harsh floors, and walls of an outdoor basketball court. Outdoor basketballs usually do not have a smooth and soft texture but rather have a very rough cover. 

Why buy an indoor and outdoor basketball?

Logically, a player might argue that buying and maintaining two different basketballs is a cumbersome task and they like to occasionally switch between indoor and outdoor courts. To cater to this matter, genius basketball companies came up with the idea an indoor and outdoor basketball. It can be thought of as a hybrid and possesses the good qualities of both types of basketballs. The composite leather, thing cushioning technology, appropriate air retention, and excellent grip combine and give you the best high-quality basketball suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

the balls made for both indoor and outdoor usage are generally made of a synthetic material that feels like leather. They are not only cheaper but also share the same texture as a genuine leather ball. On the other hand, if you talk about rubber balls, they are quite easily the cheapest on the market.

 They are not a great choice for purchase because they are extremely hard, and do not have the consistent bouncing ability, good grip, or even control. People who are trying hard to improve their game should never opt for a rubber basketball

Although some might argue that some rubber balls share the same functionality as composite leather balls, the truth could not be farther away from it. 


A beginner might need a smaller, more controllable ball to learn the basics of the game. If we talk about the standard balls, they are made of leather and cost a lot of money! Aside from their high price, they do not last very long on concrete outdoor floors. On the other hand, these outdoor/indoor suitable balls are made of synthetic leather that brings to you all the good qualities of leather paired with a long-lasting lifespan of basketball. 

Choosing the right ball can be a little trickier than it sounds, you need to research well before you decide on a basketball. we put together this list to aid you in your journey to buying the correct basketball for you. Last but not the least, we sincerely hope that this guide to the best indoor and outdoor basketballs combined helps you in finding the absolute perfect ball for you.