Basketball shoes for wide flat feet

There is a huge variety of basketball shoes and many brands make wonderful pieces. However, the main problem occurs with the wide flat feet of basketball players. This is a great hassle finding the right pair of shoes for the wide flat feet players. So, here is the article where you will find some of the best choices for basketball shoes for wide flat feet. 

Top 4 basketball shoes for wide flat feet

Basketball shoes for wide flat feet

1. Nike Zoom Freak 3

Nike partnered with Gianni’s Anteto compo, one of the best basketball players, and introduced the zoom freak line in mid of 2019. It was liked by many but had some issues too which were taken care of in the next edition with improved quality. Now the Zoom Freak 3 has been officially released in February 2022, we are going to discuss its features here.

Gianni’s and the Zoom Freak 3

Gianni is a great basketball player. He possesses a wonderfully athletic game. He mixes enormous leaps, misdirected Euro steps, and can play any position. The Zoom Freak 3 allows Gianni to maximize his particular skill set and increase his game impact. Multidimensional players like Gianni’s can generate space and maintain control because of the energy-returning cushioning, side-to-side containment, and multidirectional traction.

The sole

Under the forefoot, a hollowed-out section of the lightweight, sculpted midsole houses two Zoom Air units. This enables the Zoom units to compress under the weight before expanding and aids in energy recovery.

All-round control

TPU is the most popular outsole material also known as the “all-rounder”. It’s a high-tech polyurethane (PU) that’s tough, abrasion-resistant, and flexible.

TPU is used to create a molded hook-and-loop strap in Nike Zoom Freak 3 which makes it both flexible and sturdy. It wraps around the lower laces, securing you over the cushioning and reducing internal foot movement.

Stability all the way

The outer-side midsole has an exterior piece of lightweight, durable TPU. Steadiness is required when the player has to perform abrupt side-to-side directional adjustments like the Euro step. The exterior piece of the midsole helps maintain your foot steady across the footbed.


The outsole of the Zoom Freak 3 is computer-generated and has a topographical map pattern. It aids in the optimization of ground contact for multidirectional traction.

Under the toe and heel, cut-outs in the foam aid to minimize the overall weight. The rubber outsole has molded grooves that help the shoe flex.

Additional Features

Some of the other features of Zoom Freak 3 are:

  • Standard lacing
  • Tongue pull tab
  • Reverse swoosh design
  • Strengthened toe

It is a good quality product and a choice for many aspiring players at an affordable price. It is still not a great one with no faults at all. Some users had the issue is traction as some of them experienced a little sliding. Not comfortable right out of the box. It may take some time to adjust.

  • Improved fit
  • Comfortable feel
  • Lateral containment is excellent.
  • May experience sliding
  • Stiff when new.

2. Air Jordan 36

Another tremendous collection manufactured by Nike partnered with an athlete is Air Jordan 36 (XXXVI). It is the all-time most successful athlete-specific shoe collection. As mentioned in the name, it is the 36th edition of mighty Michael Jordan’s signature basketball shoe line.

First released in the year 1985, it has been popular among youngsters and adults ever since. The air Jordan 36 was released in September 2021.

30 years and counting

The Air Jordan 36 aims to pay homage to its 30-year-old ancestor while also being the most technologically sophisticated basketball sneaker currently available. At some level, it does both. The weight of the shoe, or lack thereof, is surprising right away. However, that appears to be how footwear is headed in the future. There are a lot of things to like about this sneaker, including some aspects that were part of previous editions with minor changes.


The Air Jordan 36 keeps the herringbone pattern from the Air Jordan 34. Herringbone traction is tried and true. There’s nothing better than a radial design.

The herringbone provides a simple yet effective multi-directional tread. This shoe normally performs well in a range of court conditions, and the Air Jordan 36 is no exception.


The Air Jordan is back with a full-length setup. Nothing like this has been seen since the Air Jordan 31. The Strobe board is the full-length Zoom unit, so it rests immediately beneath the insole and closer to the foot. A typical forefoot Zoom Air unit is also present in the forefoot. Except for the bottom-loaded forefoot zoom Air projecting a little from the outsole, the setup is comparable to the Nike KD 13. This is to make the Zoom Air even springier than it currently is, working as a spring beneath your feet.


A leno jacquard weave is used as the main material. Some may find it visually disorienting. The construct is transparent, but it’s designed to support you during gameplay.

Despite its appearance, the leno jacquard weaving is deceptively sturdy. It has the appearance of dental floss yet the robustness of more typical jacquard weaves. The weave provides strength, but the yarn used adds to it, that is exactly what was required. It’s light, breathable, and extremely durable.

Fit and Support

The Air Jordan 36 runs true to size, although for some it may be a little narrow. The lockdown is complete throughout from the forefoot to the ankle collar. 

The Air Jordan 36 comes with all of the support features you require. The built-in heel counter, a shank plate for the midfoot. A perfect one-to-one fit. They even have a rather broad foundation. The projecting forefoot Zoom Air has a slight wobbling to it that you will notice until you become accustomed to it. After that, you’ll be ready to enjoy the walk.

The Air Jordan 36 can be named the best basketball shoes available on market. However, it is still not the perfect one. Because of the thin sole, it can’t be worn for outdoor plays. One has to try it on in-store before buying this as it can be a bit on the narrow side. Other than that, it’s a great shoe.

  • Dust-resistant traction
  • Cushion with a springy feel
  • Impact resistance
  • Lightness
  • Breathability
  • Simple foot confinement
  • Break-in required
  • Narrow
  • Expensive.
  • Not for outside use

3. Nike Lebron 18 Low

The Lebron James signature shoe line by Nike was released in the year 2003. Lebron James has transcended his sport to become a true worldwide phenomenon, arguably the greatest basketball player of his generation — and one of the greatest athletes of all time. He isn’t known as “King James” for nothing: he is the only NBA player to win a championship with three different teams (the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and, most recently, the Los Angeles Lakers). The 18th edition of his signature shoe line released in September 2021.

The Nike Lebron 18 low is the low version of the Nike Lebron 18. It is a kind of upgrade of its brother.


The full-length Nike React with a heel Air Max unit is identical to the Nike LeBron 17 Low. The air unit is identical to that of the Nike Air Max 270, which runs almost the entire length of the shoe. The cushion is the best feature of the shoe.

It feels soft, especially on the forefoot. it is because the shoe has numerous outsole holes. There are a couple on the bottom that wasn’t on the standard LeBron 18, as well as a few on the lateral side. This allowed the foam to expand as it was designed to. Impact protection is insane back in the heel. However, be cautious because it can be shaky. Although court feel isn’t a strong suit, it’s incredibly high off the ground. There is some bounce, but not nearly as much as the Zoom on the originals.


Traction is based on the same general design as the standard LeBron 18, however, it is implemented differently. On the forefoot, there’s a sectioned splatter pattern that doesn’t have much of a purpose though. The only reasonable explanation I can think of is that it allows for better compression from the React midsole.

Lebron 18 low are adequate in terms of performance. It doesn’t have noisy traction, so if that’s what you’re after, you won’t find it here. The traction is good, with only a few small slides that occurred largely while they were new. Give the LeBron 18 Low some time and it should have just a smidgeon of A1 traction. The durability is also not poor. There can be a few scuffs here and there, but nothing significant. And that’s after only playing on concrete.

Fit and support

It’s true to fit, quite cozy too in a good way. Comparably, the forefoot of the Lebron 18 low is more comfortable than Air Jordan 34 Low because of the soft materials used.

Outriggers are lines that run up the lateral side of the shoes.  Extra fuses were put on both sides of the forefoot to prevent the foot from rolling over. The mild instability of the Air Max unit is probably the only issue of the support. Heel strikes should be avoided at all costs, especially on the court, but be prepared. Any heel strike will necessitate extra caution to keep your balance. Overall, excellent support for a shoe that is so high off the ground.

  • Soft, bouncy cushion.
  • Decent containment and lockdown
  • Inconsistent on dust

4. Nike Kevin Durant (KD) 14

The Nike KD 14 is the new variant of the KD line released in April 2021. The Nike KD line started in the year 2008 and since then has been quite a hit among basketball players. 

Basketball means lots of running, sprinting, and jumping. For all of these activities, good basketball shoes are required. Basketball shoes that fit properly help to prevent ankle and foot injuries during practice and games. They shield your feet from all of the running and hopping on the basketball court’s harsh surface. When you play basketball, your body and feet are put. Many wonderful brands manufacture sure top-quality basketball shoes. One of the most prominent among these is Nike. They produce the world’s best products when it comes to quality and comfort. Let’s have a look at Nike’s KD 14.

What’s new?

The KD14 mixes a casual, sportswear-inspired style with a full-length Zoom Air Strobel set up for significant responsiveness, reintroducing a strap to Kevin Durant’s hallmark brand for the first time since the KD7.

Durant’s line has been defined by his desire to experiment with a wide range of design filters from season to season, including elegant low-tops that look like football boots, cushy sock racers, and ’90s-style power mids. Durant knows that when he reaches back into the vault and revives a feature, such as that rap, the familiarity will help him on the court.

The KD 14 is almost certainly not something you can wear everywhere. It doesn’t feel comfortable enough to wear all day. You might put these on just for the game and take them off when you’re done. 


The KD 14 is made for indoor and outdoor setups both. It gives exceptional traction. The grip is reliable and can be tested in every way. It gives you a wonderful experience throughout the game. When moving from side to side, the Nike KD 14 provides exceptional grip, stability, and comfort. It also does so without sacrificing much in terms of performance.


A full-length Zoom Air Strobel and a Cushlon midsole are included in the Nike KD 14.

The Cushlon is soft, bouncy, and responsive despite its softness. The Zoom Air unit keeps the shoe feeling brisk underfoot rather than sluggish, and the midsole isn’t overly thick (despite how thick it appears), so you get a cushy ride with a spring-like effect with every step.

This is one of those shoes that you may wear both indoors and outside. When outside, you will never feel the concrete or blacktop. It is just a relaxing ride that seems like it caresses your feet.

Colors available

The signature eye-catching graphics and colors on the shoes make them one of a kind. The colors and design of the KD 14 are unique and beautiful at the same time. The colors available in this version are:

  • Cyber (white, neon yellow, multi-colored sole)
  • Black White (blackwhite copy-black white)
  • Ky-D (black, pink, yellow, blue, green)
  • Sunset (peach, pink, white) 
  • Multicolor (white, blue, hot pink, multi-colored sole)
  • Ron English 1 (white, blue, yellow, pink)
  • Aunt Pearl (regal pink/orange chalk/hyper pink)
  • Light Cult Crypto Club (siren red/yellow strike/fierce purple/green abyss)
  • Deep Royal (deep royal blue/pale coral-coconut milk)
  • Fusion Red Yellow Strike (black/fusion red, white, yellow strike)
  • Bred (red, black, white)
  • Surrealism (purple, mauve, grey, white, light yellow)
  • Excellent cushioning and feel.
  • Good ankle support.
  • The strap keeps the feet in place.
  • It looks fantastic.
  • No heel slips.
  • Stiff when new.
  • Needs to be cleaned off for traction.
  • Overheats.

It is safe to say that the KD14 is a fantastic all-around performer with no noticeable flaws. So, what are you waiting for go get yours now?