6 best basketballs for indoor courts – indoor basketball

Indoor gaming is one of the most exciting things that you can do at home. It is a fun way to interact with your family members and have a great and exciting time with them. There are many advantages and upsides to indoor gaming as it is not only a fun activity that engages family members and allows them to share a great laugh in indoor basketball but also allows people to have healthy and regular exercise that keeps them fit and evolves their motor skills. 

Today we will be talking about one of the most interesting indoor games that not only children love to play but is also loved by teenagers and adults. Yes, we are talking about indoor basketball. Basketball as well known is the second most popular sport in the United States. Basketball leagues are watched by millions that love and support their favorite teams and famous players. 

But not everyone can play in a basketball course as it requires a lot of energy and devotion to play basketball. Still, indoor basketball is an entertaining and exciting activity that you too can play indoors and share a great laugh with your siblings and friends. 

So let’s not waste any time and get right to the list of the top 6 indoor basketballs currently present on the market.

Top 6 Indoor Basketballs

Basketballs come in different materials and sizes and here you can find the best indoor basketballs that you can find on the market are:

Now that we got the list ready of the best indoor basketballs currently on the market, let’s start to dig into the description of each indoor basketball on the pros and features that make it a unique choice and one of the best indoor basketball to opt for.

We not only evaluated the market but also review every indoor basketball that we started in our list to provide you with the best knowledge about the product before you make your buying decision.

Starting with the review of the indoor basketballs from the given list:

1. Amazon basic Basketball

Amazon being the e-commerce giant evaluated the need of the consumer market and encouraged the increased demand for indoor basketballs to come up with their indoor basketball that they named Amazons Basic Basketball. As the name suggests the Amazon Basic Basketball is a basic indoor basketball that doesn’t cost you a lot coming in at just the price of $26.84 and a discounted price of $38.77 for a pack of 2. 

Amazon Basic Basketball has two different options to opt from. One is made of Microfiber which is soft and agile while the other is made from PU composite giving it the extra bounce and grip for better focusing of shots. 

Amazon did get its heads around the product need and made an inspiring basketball that is not only perfect for indoor basketball but can also be played outdoors with the durability of the materials that are being used. The basketball measures 28.5 inches in circumference making it the ideal size for any basketball out there. The bounce is extremely nice on any type of surface whether on tile or wooden flooring.

The moisture-absorbing hexagon compound top layer is made from synthetic leather and is cushioned with a core carcass that provides exceptional quality grip making the Amazon Basic Basket Ball an incredible product to opt for. The ball can be easily inflated and deflated with an easy to the open-air stopper. However, you must inflate the indoor basketball to the suggested PSI by the brand to eliminate any case of a problem.

  • The pricing is reasonable
  • Have a discounted offer 
  • Comes in two material options
  • Good Grip and Bounce
  • The overall quality is too basic
  • The ball doesn’t feel premium

amazon basic indoor basketball

2. Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Wilson Evolution is the most widely used and popular manufacturer of basketballs in America, whether indoor or outdoor. They are #1 in the country more than any other basketball and for good reasons. Wilson Evolution basketballs are 29.5″ in diameter and feature high-definition pebbling.

The average price is $25, but with Wilson’s premium quality, they came up with a hefty price of $69.95. While the price is a little higher, the quality more than makes up for it. The Cushion Core Carcass provides the Evolution basketball with its signature soft feel against your palm, making it easier to grip and allowing it to stay on the rim for a tad longer. It also has the Premium Evo Microfiber Composite Cover’s grip that players love and durability that lasts all season, and Laid-in Composite Channels that facilitate unmatched control by having a consistent feel and touch throughout the full surface of the basketball that everyone refers to.

The age group is teenagers, and evolution comes in six various colors to match their jersey and their style. It has been approved for use by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

As a result, the Wilson Evolution Game Ball is the basketball of choice in high schools around the country. Wilson has a comfortable grip that makes it easy to hold. 

  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • Easy-grip and soft feels.
  • Perfect for indoors. 
  • Premium quality.
  • Overly priced. 
  • Not ideal for outdoors.

Wilson Evolution indoor basketball

3. Spalding Precision TF-1000 Indoor Game Basketball

Spalding has a long history of producing high-quality, dependable goods. The material they use and the craftsmanship are what make them stand out from their competitors. This is yet another. This one, out of all the Spalding basketballs, is the best so far. The TF 1000 in the name means (official high school ball) The Eco-Grip composite cover has a comfortable feel and delivers a game-ready grasp. It is available in two sizes. It’s ideal for middle school, high school, and college athletes around the country, with a men’s size of 29.5″ and a women’s size of 28.5″.

It is distinguished by its pale color. This basketball is, without a doubt, every player’s dream. It’s made in such a way that the ball stays inflated games in a row. The cushioned carcass provides a responsive bounce. Spalding also offers a one-year limited guarantee and is an NFHS-approved and Maryland-approved ball. Spalding makes the precision more solid and lasting than any other ball. It’s designed for hardwood hoping that’s the way it can only be played indoors. It’s utilized in the NBA, the world’s premier basketball league, which exhibits its high quality.

The Spalding basketball is the best choice when it comes to how the ball feels in the hand; how slippery or hard it is. The finest genuine leather utilized in the production of the Spalding outdoes the Wilson in regard to texture.

  • Eco-friendly grip.
  • Exceptional quality 
  • Come in two sizes. 
  • Can only be used indoors.
  • Run out of supply pretty easily.

Spalding Precision TF-1000 Indoor

4. Spalding Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor Basketball

When it comes to basketball or sports, Spalding is the most well-known and reliable brand. Their Zi/O is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a firm grip, and the genuine leather used on this model is resistant to rough areas without any strain while remaining gentle to the touch. This model has shown to be quite consistent in its bounce rate; it is quite nice and hard, and the best part is that it can bounce on both rough and soft surfaces.

Balls with a higher bounce rate are always the greatest because they boost the shot percentage. It comes pre-inflated and ready to use, exactly like the Precision TF 1000. The ball’s size and weight are 7 and 29.5″, respectively, which is an excellent weight for any professional or competition. When compared to Wilson, the pricing is reasonable at $34.99, and it can be played on a variety of surfaces with excellent durability and texture, making it a high-quality product. Most NBA players prefer the Zi/O color rather than orange. 

When it comes to basketballs, balance is crucial. The channels on this ball are a little thin, but they are wider, allowing for better control during the release. The ball is extremely stable in flight, especially when playing on breezy outside fields. They also offer a 1-year warranty and have been approved for use by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

  • Perfect for both surfaces. 
  • Consistent bounce rate.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Not designed for beginners.

Spalding Zi/O Indoor

5. And1 Hydrogrip Leather Basketball

AND1 is designed to revolutionize the game of basketball. The AND1 full-size basketball is a regulation size 7 (29. 5″) and weighs a reasonable amount, making it comfortable to palm grasp. This basketball is ideal for playing inside and outdoors, whether you’re playing a friendly game on the court, playing 1 on 1 at the club, practicing your foul shot in your backyard, or participating in seasonal competitions.

The AND1 Hydrogrip basketball is comprised of a moisture-wicking composite leather material that not only provides a better grip but also resists sweat, keeping the ball sticky throughout vigorous gameplay. This basketball is ideal for both recreational and competitive basketball players of all levels. It’s a guaranteed hit with youngsters, teenagers, and adult men and women. AND1’s Hydrogrip Basketball will elevate your game to new heights, making you feel like an NBA star or Champion. It’s a great addition to any basketball player’s collection, and it’ll have you twirling and passing in no time. It has got a reasonable price of $30.37 from any other premium quality basketball. 

This official leather basketball is made of high-quality composite leather that gives excellent grip and control and is long-lasting and resistant to wear. Our basketball streetball is available in a selection of colorful and vibrant multi-color patterns and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor basketball games. The AND1 grip basketball boasts a deep channel design that promotes ball grip and control for dribbling and shooting, making it ideal for young players. Every 29.5 basketball comes deflated with a 12″ graffiti-print inflation pump so you can inflate it right away and play.

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor.
  • Premium quality.
  • Affordable price.
  • Multi-colors.
  • The size is a bit large which not suitable for children.

6. SportimeMax Hands-On Junior Basketball

Don’t go on the childish design of the SportimeMax On-Junior Basketball. SportimeMax has been in the market for a long time and is well known and reputed for formulating some of the best sports equipment for children. This Sportime Max Hands-On Junior Basketball as the name suggests is for juniors to experience basketball and start their journey to become an exceptional players in the sport. 

Used mainly for training purposes it is a good product to have at home so that you can have a good and exciting time playing around the house. The print on the basketball showcases the positions on which the hand will rest making it easier for beginners to understand the game and the ability to control the ball with precision. 

The pricing of the SportimeMax Hands-On Junior Basketball is ideal for people looking forward to buying a reasonably priced basketball that can help them understand the game and learn how to control basketball with a price tag of $21.19.  The soft compound and lining doesn’t only provide great grip and bounce but also make it lightweight for increased control over the ball.

  • Ideal for indoor.
  • Best option for beginners with printed guide.
  • Affordable price.
  • Multi-colors.
  • Not durable 
  • Easily possess wear and tear.


In the end, we can conclude the topic of the best indoor basketball with the fact that indoor basketball has drastically increased its market expansion especially in the United States with the likes of COVID-19 and the fact that it is the second most popular sport in the U.S. One of the most fun things you can do at home is to play indoor games. There are numerous benefits, including the fact that it will engage you and your family in for example basketball is a sport in which two teams of five players compete against one other. It can be played both inside and outdoors. it is the second most popular sport in the United States. This market has exploded in the recent decade, with an increasing number of basketball fans and watchers. We looked into the basketball market and discovered that there are many options available in the e-commerce sector with varying sizes, materials, and qualities.

We evaluated the basketball market and found out that there are a lot of offering in the e-commerce market around the globe with different sizes, materials, and qualities. Thus we identified the best offerings from different brands to make our list of the top 6 indoor basketballs that are the best in the market with their value to money. All of our listed indoor basketballs are extremely good in quality and will surely allow you to have a great time playing basketball indoors.

This market has boomed during the last decade with more and more viewers and followers of basketball are increasing. This market expansion of basketball lovers increased the sales of indoor basketball games. Moreover, with the ongoing pandemic of the novel coronavirus, lockdowns were imposed throughout the United States that left millions locked inside their houses for health and safety issues. This is also one of the reasons that the indoor basketball market boomed so much during the last year. People loved the idea of being at home and engaging in a competitive and interesting competition of basketball inside the premises of their house. 

We examined the 6 most well-known basketballs above based on their costs and characteristics. With their various weights and sizes, each of the five has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some have acceptable costs, while others are for the top class. This well-known basketball will undoubtedly allow you to have a good time while playing indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which is the best indoor basketball?

Indoor Basketballs have been in high demand since the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, there are several offerings in the market from low to highest-quality products. However, every indoor basketball shares its own qualities making them differ from one another, thus, stating a specific indoor basketball will not do justice to others. You can check out our list of the top 6 indoor basketballs all of which are exceptional in quality and provide incredible value to the consumer. 

Q. Can you use indoor basketball outdoors?

While you can use any indoor basketball outdoors but not every indoor basketball will be able to handle the pressure of the concrete floor which will vary the bounce and can also result in wear and tear of the indoor basketball. However, there are some indoor basketballs from well-reputed and renowned brands that allow you to play basketball not only indoors but outdoors as well. 

Q. What type of indoor basketball is the best?

There is numerous type of materials that are used for the making of indoor basketballs. However, every material shares a different type of feel, durability, and quality of bounce and grip. The most commonly used material for indoor basketball is PU composite which gives the basketball an incredible grip and bounces which makes the basketball not only durable but fun to play. There are numerous offerings on the market that you can find but you can always check our list of the top 6 indoor basketballs that all share the best features which makes them the intelligent choice to opt for.